Posted by on September 27, 2015

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So @whenwegather hosted this amazing leadership training today before service. There was three questions posed to the team. How does God see you? Who am I in Christ? How does God name me? We released the team to create a collage from magazines, stencils, letters, and all forms of creative mediums. As I thumbed through the magazines God begin to speak to me through individual pictures and text.

This is what he said as I placed them on my board. You are a kid when it comes to faith surrounded with my spirit. I know you have a lot of questions. I know you feel like you’re broken. Larry never hide who you are and what I’m doing in you. It may seem hopeless right now. But things get better. I’m making this big world small to you. Step boldly into the story that I am creating in and around you. I am giving you a ministry of inspiration. Everyone will decided to come back to your place. PERFECT!!! Celebrate being the father I have made you to be. They will need grace. They are brave. Help them to see it. Teach them to surrender. To allow my joy to overwhelm them. To be content in all things. To keep smiling even in the hard times for they know all things are perfected within them my perfect glory. Peace will keep their hearts and I have loved them from eternity to eternity. They will have a lot of questions as well. Asking what’s next is fine . Just don’t stop moving while wondering. Trust me. For I am bringing a wave that will sustain, propel, and release them into their next season.


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