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Our heartbeat like every other human being on this earth is simply this. To Know someone deeply and to be known deeply as well. Let me explain. Trusting in the deposit that guarantees that I now and forever am a part of a greater Kingdom. This Kingdom being first unseen yet the very source of all that is seen I place my trust in that reality.

The Holy Spirit being that deposit continues to cry out Abba Father from here one earth to the throne room of heaven. This deep cry yearns to connect back to the source of life that causes self to die a little more each day.

As a result of this faith and trust we watch this life become more and more abundant. Isn’t that what Christ came to give? Life and Life more abundant. How do we gain this life? Working harder, climbing the ladder, being “good”, memorizing more scripture? No! Simply trusting that what Father said, Jesus did, and Holy Spirit continues to do in and through me.

Isn’t that the birth place of faith? Simply knowing. I find that “to know” is the reciprocal force that moves that moves the mountains when we tell them too. For faith comes by hearing. As we hear we trust. As we know we are known by all of eternity even more. It just keeps coming.

As we know and are known more the more “I” die. The more “I” dies the more the well spring of life from eternity erupts forth. When “I” gets out of the way there is more room for “we”. “We” creates the beautiful tapestry by which I am joined by Holy Spirit to heaven and to others to obtain even more life. When “We” get together powerful things happen.

Yet it all starts with a simple truth. To trust is to Know. To Know is to be Known. To be known is to Connect. To Connect is to Live. To Live is to Trust that much more. This my friend is the greatest desire of man. To be intimate with our God and each other. To be able to trust again. May it begin with me.

To Know Christ, Him Crucified, and Him Glorified.

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