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I’m convinced more now than ever that Jesus is building his beautiful body. One of those signs for me has been the numerous calls to gather outside the structural norm of what we call the “Church”. 

I have begins to see the beauty of the 1 on 1, small groups, and spontaneous coorporate worship times. It really doesn’t matter how, where, and when the body gathers. What matter is one simple question. Is Jesus the one doing the drawing us together? 

How does this happen? Jesus imparts a word of wisdom or knowledge and begins to invite us into what he is doing. He may be doing the gathering for a a simple text, phone call, coffee date, or dinner. What’s important here is the call of the Holy Spirit and the Obedience of man. 

So make that call to the friend who’s name or face just flashed before your eyes. Ask that family or friends over for dinner who touched your heart at the grocery store. Put together the call to study a scripture to whomever shall come. Invite those into a corporate time of worship and study. How ever Jesus instructs us to gathers his body may we dive fully into and obey that call. 

May we give up every expectation and shred of control. May we fully trust that Jesus will do what he said he will do. If he gathers he has promised to be amongst us. If Jesus is amongst us he is going to do something. We may not see it or perceive what is happening. He will build and mature those whom desire to be planted into his vine. He will connect the hearts of those whose hearts have been steward and are prepared to receive the seeds of his Words. 

In this environment to “Be Still and Know that I am God” is a natural recourse. The spontanouses nature of the Holy Spirit gives way for rest and healing of the heart. Holding to a service time or a structured organization many tmes gives way to quite the opposite of what Jesus is building. 

Jesus is not interested in building another human structure that will over time subvert his Kingsom agenda. Father God gave Moses a place for which he would dwell with his people. He now has the hearts of man in which to rest. Of how beautiful is the brothers who dwell in unity. What is that unity? That we may come together to pray, repent, and respond to what Father is doing from His kingdom into this earth. It has not place for human control or expectation. 

I pray that Jesus will continue to find men and women who have come to this realization as well. I pray that more and more sons and daughters would pick up this mission of Jesus church. If that is you than let’s connect. 

If you have any questions, thoughts, concerns or issues please leave a comment below. God bless. 

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