WhenWeGather has devoted its heart and soul to East Texas. Loving the community is in the heartbeat of what God is doing. We are so excited about Longview, Kilgore, Gladewater, and the surrounding community. We believe there are so many beautiful aspects to East Texas to be discovered and released. There is beauty from our pine woods, to our plentiful lakes, to the heritage of financial blessings that run within the core of this area. East Texas, we believe, holds a key to the revival of America. As East Texans, we stand in the epicenter of America and still hold many values which once made America strong. East Texas still believes in hard work, loving our families, and holding fast to the Word of God.

WhenWeGather is poised to connect with civic, community, and church leaders to release the potential of our community. We desire to see people come into their dreams of owning businesses, buying homes, and releasing culture back into the city. We desire to see the creative spirit come back to this area. Those who are led by the creative side of the spirit of God are honored and desired. So how could you partner with God in this endeavor? As we prayed God gave us several ways that people could partner with what he was doing.

1. Prayer – More than anything we need intercessors and prophets to join in prayer with us. God has called us to partner with Him and this is the most important part of partnering with God. Through out the year we host prayer and worship times all around East Texas. Check out the calendar for up to date information about this times.

2. Giving – When We Gather is a 100% self sustained ministry supported by the generous gifts of the people who see the value in our mission. We have a lot to do in our journey, so we thank you for every gift. So how can you give?

• Financial gifts may be mailed to P.O. BOX 1030, Judson, TX 75660. All gifts are tax deductible and end of the year financial statement are sent out. You may also give online if you prefer. Click Here to do so. We have created a very financially lean budget that will give us the space and time to grow.

• Another way to give is to donate items that are need to facilitate the creation and stewardship of all the media created by When We Gather. A list has been created to facilitate those needs. Whatever you have to give will be received and appreciated.

3. Inviting – Another way to partner with what God is doing here is invite people to the prayer and worship gatherings. We will also host live recordings of decision makers and culture builders. So come to those events and invite people to check out the website and Facebook.

4. Engaging – Speaking of social media we ask that you engage with us via our numerous social media platforms. We ask when you see things via social media, share it to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Steal our graphics, make them better, and share them with the world.

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