What you value ultimately determines what you will become. Here are some of the things that determine who we are and who were becoming. 

    • A Culture of Worship – We know God is desiring a place where people can be free to worship and grow into the likeness of Jesus. Worship is not just music. Worship can be someone dancing, painting, sitting in the back writing a song or poem, or giving a spoken word. 
    • Multi-Ethnic Leadership –  We so desire to see heaven on earth. Don’t you know all races, creeds, tongues, and social economic statues will be magnifying the name of Jesus in Heaven? We desire to see that truth here on Earth in Longview.
    • Honor through Hospitality – At The Gathering we desire every person, no matter their status in life, is shown honor and respect through our spirit of hospitality. Honor says no matter who the person is they deserve to be respected because each person has a certain essence of God in them. Honor is our heart’s desire being fulfilled through hospitality.
    • The Words of God – The written and spoken Words of God are the sustaining power and grace to walk out His call in our lives. When we position our hearts and lives to receive from Him, He deposits all that is needed. We may not know it is in there, but trust me, it is. So here, at The Gathering, we place extremely high values on listening, reading, and meditating on the Word of God. 
    • IntercessionAt The Gathering, we believe in addressing the principalities that try to come against us as we use God’s authority given to us over the areas of our lives. So we pray that you will speak against the principalities covering the financial, mental, physical, emotional, family, and career gates in your lives. We pray you will immediately feel a release in your spirit. Will you join us today in fighting this good fight? 
    • Full Expression of Ministry – The bible has very little to say about only fulfilling our personal missions. It has more to say about the one thing God wants to happen on earth. What is that one thing you may ask? The Spreading of His Kingdom. His Kingdom will move forward when we get into our minds the one thing that God honors is placing ourselves into positions to serve. 
    • Identity in Christ – We believe we can see from Scriptures God has given man a certain amount of authority over certain things. I believe the greatest authorities we are given are over our families and things that our influence covers. If you are a man or a single mom this would be your family. A church leader then over the church. A community leader than the community, and so on.